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General Papers

The Constitutionalism and the Constitutions- the Politics within the legal Framework
Jelena Trajkovska-Hristovska
Enemies of democracy. The “parallel state” in Romania
Maria Balea
Combating corruption through whistleblower protection. A cultural studies based approach to the whistleblower’s status in Romania’s post-communist social culture
Andreea Roxana Gusa
Romanian land use planning under the domestic policy reforms: a perspective after three decades of post-communism era
Dana Alexandru
Militarised State: Militarization through Internal Affairs by Internal Security Operations Command after the 2006 coup in Thailand
Siwach Sripokangkul
Referendum on ”the traditional family” as an epistemological battlefield locus
Oana Mihaela Baluta
Political Foundations of Budget Process
Catalin Constantin Balan
Media Operation&Stability Operation
Munteanu Nicoleta Annemarie

The Germans in East Central Europe: local identities, transnational identities

Interculturality in Transylvania
Ioana Cretu
The Role of Literature & Arts in Identity-Management of the German Minorities in Hungary and in Romania
Klaus-Juergen Hermanik
Historical Memory and Political Economy: Monetary Policy in Germany and East and Central Europe
Edward Knudsen
Politics and Television in the Tele-(re)presentation of Romanian Germans. Case Study: the Broadcast in German of the Romanian Public Television (1969-2019)
Andreea Zamfira

Flight, Migration and Social Innovation: Research, policies and practice in different European countries

Self-Representation in the Case of Refugees: Deconstructing Stereotypes and Forging Transnational Identities
Malina Iulia Duta
SIAA LAB! A stimulation and qualification program for social innovators
Georg Maximilian Eichler
The phenomenon of migration: IF I ESCAPE WILL I BE SAVED?
Diana Alice Boboc - Enache
Slave to Fashion
Lee Rammelt
We want you! - New valorization strategies towards attraction of highly skilled migrants. A case study in Turin, Italy.
Tanja Schroot
International Migration Flows and Human Rights: Violations and Violators
Vassilis Grammatikas
Border Control and Refugee Crisis - Are the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles the Solution to the Problem?
Dimitrios Kalliontzis
Migration Crisis: International Orgs and Social Policies of Managing the Crisis
Maria Vlahadi
Achieving social change through social innovation, by applying the social marketing framework: Examples from Greece and Europe
Leonidas Skerletopoulos, Angela Makris
Integration Policies for new comers in Québec, by means of culture, civilization and French language courses
Marcella Trifu
Integra and Welcome Programe at the University for Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS)
Anca Maria Aicha
Between supporting cultural diversity and assimilation among people with migration background in Southern Germany
Delia Stefenel
Paul Ioan Andronic