Call for Papers

The Politics & Society Conference2019 aims at shedding new light on new developments in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as at offering a broader perspective on the long-term political, social and economic processes that have transformed the region. The conference encourages papers that address the following issues, but are not limited to:


-      Democratization and de-democratization

-      The rise of new populist radical parties

-      Political ideologies in times of crisis

-      Political participation in the era of mass communication

-      Local governance and local democracy

-      The tension between EU integration and state sovereignty

-      NATO Eastern enlargement and regional tensions

-      De-facto states and frozen conflicts

-      The changing relations between Russia and East Central Europe

-      Migration and social change

-      The evolution in dominant social values

-      The (trans)formation of class in the process of full marketization

-      Nationalism as a political force

Author Guidelines

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts limited at no more than 400 words.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2019-09-20.